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Vasa Wood Panels Installation Guide


 1. Preparation and Installation

In addition to the Vasa Wood Panels (the Panels) you will need:

- timber adhesive glue and a trowel for spreading the glue (and/or a hardwood nail gun and wood nails);

- a table saw for cutting the edge of the Panels where necessary;

- 5mm packers for resting the lower level Panels on during installation;

- wood staples and dark brown touch up paint (if required).

Before starting, pour yourself a cup of tea!


2. Surface preparation

Vasa Wood Panels (the Panels) should be affixed to a smooth and solid surface, such as clean and flat plywood boards (indoor) or cement boards (indoor/outdoor).


3. Preparation of the Vasa Wood Panels

Unpack the Vasa Wood Panels and lay the Panels on the ground. Arrange and adjust each Panel’s position until satisfied with the overall positioning and appearance.


4. Use the timber adhesive glue to stick the Panels on to the smooth and solid surface of the wall or ceiling that is to be covered.

If covering a wall, start from the bottom nearest any adjoining wall, or if a standalone wall start from one end.

Apply timber adhesive glue on the section of wall initially being worked on. Do not cover too large an area as the glue may dry before the Panels are applied. Similarly cover the back of the Panel with glue using a trowel. Then place the Panel onto the wall. To make sure the Panel is fixed onto the wall, you can also use the hardwood nail gun and drive the wood nails in the gaps on the Panels.

Work from the bottom to the top of the wall - set the first layer of Panels at a level just above the floor. It is recommended to sit the lower level Panels on 5mm packers and leave an 8mm gap at the top of the wall to allow for an expansion gap. Make sure each Panel is laid tightly against each other. Please use wood staples in the gaps between the wood cubes on the Panels if necessary.


5. Edges

The Vasa Wood Panels can be cut or trimmed using the table saw and adjusted into required sizes to fit exact sizes where necessary.


6. Nail holes

Given the unique history of the reclaimed boatwood there may be slight inconsistencies such as small knots, nail holes, and differences in grain and color. To a large extent this is what is so special about the Vasa Wood Panels, however black and dark brown paints in the holes can be applied to touch up specific areas if necessary.