100% Reclaimed Boatwood Wall Panel
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Product Description:


Reclaimed boatwood (include yellow rosewood, catalpa, green sandalwood, belian teak and elmwood)


Natural reclaimed boatwood color


Clear varnish

Size per panel

300mm (L) x 600mm (W) x 10-20mm (H)

Weight per panel

Around 2.5kg


Interior walls or ceilings

Installation method

Direct stick with general-purpose sealant or with wood nail (Installation Guide)



Imagine a wall of ancient hardwoods, hundreds of years old from trees that are no longer commercially available today.  

Vasa series wood wall panels are made of genuine reclaimed boatwood from retired fishing boats. These 80 to 300 tonnage boats were built 60 to 100 years ago with now rare ironwoods, such as yellow rosewood, catalpa, green sandalwood, belian teak and elmwood, which had grown for hundreds of years to become mature. Over the decades of sailing, these fishing boats have been thoroughly tempered and seasoned – only the best quality boatwood survived till the end.

Because hardwood takes so long to grow, sometimes many hundreds of years, there is now a worldwide acceptance for the need to protect those trees still remaining, and of making use of the wood still remaining. Reclaimed boatwood has become a nonrenewable resource. Every piece of reclaimed boatwood, with its rich individuality, is rare and collectable.

Due to the long exposure to seawater and sunshine, the wood's dense and smooth patterns and textures became more marked and knotted and over the decades a great range of color variation developed. the different unique markings, small knots, nail holes, grain and tones individualized each piece of the boatwood which haved been lovingly collected, sorted and pieced together to create a unique collection of Vasa series wall panels. 

As the exclusive distributor of the product for Australia and New Zealand, we take great pleasure in offering you a chance, while stocks last, to embellish your home with a beautiful and unique piece of history. The Vasa Series wall panels could not only make a significant difference to your home, but they are easy to install, long lasting, unique, beautiful, with an incredible history and reasonably priced.



Due to the reclaimed nature of this wood, slight inconsistencies such as small knots, nail holes, and grain and color variations may occur. Returns will be accepted within 14 days from time of delivery, however a 20% restocking fee will be charged.