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  1. All Products to be assessed under the DeMagic Product Warranty are to be identified and returned to the following address:

    66B Cryers Rd, East Tamaki, Auckland 2140 (the access is off Haliday Place(second driveway on right))

    Tel: 09 274 6923

    Claims must indicate the sender's name and address

  1. All Product returned must be packed in a manner to ensure no further damage is caused to the Product.

  2. Warranty claims will only be considered if the returned Product has enclosed with it the purchase order and the Purchaser has complied with all other requirements in accordance with the DeMagic Product Warranty. A Warranty claim must include a copy of the original invoice and all Product, together with other details such as date of delivery and the Product's identification code as contained/described on the packaging.

  3. Freight charges for the return of the Product to DeMagic must be paid by the Purchaser unless otherwise agreed. Freight charges of the replaced or repaired Product will be borne by DeMagic only for freight transported by ordinary delivery within the metropolitan areas of Auckland. Should the Purchaser require any other form of delivery of the replacement or repaired Product, the Purchaser must pay any difference between the cost of DeMagic’s method of ordinary delivery and the Purchaser's required method of delivery.

  4. Freight charges in respect of the Product apply and will be payable by the Purchaser should this Warranty not be current or valid or the Product is outside the Metropolitan areas of the capital city referred to in clause 6 of the Warranty.

  5. Product returned will be examined on receipt, and if found to be within the manufacturer's specification, DeMagic reserves the right to either accept or reject that particular claim.

  6. If a Warranty claim is to be honoured, DeMagic may at its option, replace, repair or credit the Purchaser for the purchase price of the Product. Any credit given to a Purchaser will be mailed directly to the Purchaser by ordinary post.